What would the world look like if we all felt a little less lonely?  What would it be like to have experiences heard rather than judged, to have another girl who understands and to see beauty exist in versions that are real and relatable to all of us? Ultimately, we all just crave community, authentic stories of the extraordinary and the mundane, and something more than altered images and one-size-fits-all versions of beauty. Welcome to About the Girls. This is a community for girls of every color, the tall ones and the short ones, the skinny and the thick, the mom bosses and the girls barely making it, the lonely girls and the squads, the mom at home and the girl killing it in her career, the single girl and the married, and all the girls in between, where different experiences are valued and all are called beautiful. We refuse to believe the lie that we are more divided than ever, that we are unable to reach across party lines, understand other races, or that we are destined to do life alone. This is a place where the stories and images reflect the diverse community God designed and the content is relevant to girls like you. 


About the Girls is a place for the every day girls to gather to share stories of grace and be an encouragement to others in similar situations. We hope this is a space for the girl who is right in the middle of what she thinks might break her, to feel a little less alone.  About the Girls is based on the idea that sharing stories of girls just like you will help us all to love a little more, judge a little less, and build a community of girls cheering each other on. Ultimately, our stories remind us of grace and point us back to Jesus. Hang with us as we share stories ABOUT THE GIRLS!

About the Girls Podcast link: http://aboutthegirls.buzzsprout.com/