About the Girls: The Why

I have always loved listening to podcasts and reading stories. Reading and listening to other women’s stories have been some of my favorite tools for personal growth. It is amazing that I can read about or listen to testimonies of some of my favorite influencers and celebrities through podcasts and articles, but I have always craved to know the stories of the women I do life with. The woman I worship next to, the mom who is dropping her kids off at school with mine, the girl I see on Instagram through mutual friends but have never actually met. How cool would it be to feel a true sense of community through story-telling? I believe there are SO many “ordinary” women with incredible stories that never get told because they are not already a celebrity, author, speaker, etc that is being interviewed regularly.

Telling your story doesn’t mean you have arrived at this magical destination of perfection. Telling your story is just a declaration of the goodness of God, even in the middle of the heartbreak.

My dream was to start this little podcast to help tell the stories ABOUT THE GIRLS who have been through the messy and dirty parts of life that we struggle to talk about, and came out even more beautiful than before. Not because of anything other than the great love of Jesus. There is so much power in not only hearing an encouraging story we can relate to, but also in talking about the great things God has brought you through. To see another girl who is just like you that survived what you are currently walking through is life-giving. To be that girl that gets to tell another girl just like you, “I know Jesus will get you through this, because He got me through it too,” is beautiful! My prayer for each episode is that it is a victory shout for the girl telling her story and a war cry for the girl who is in the middle of her battle and needs a reminder of whose she is.

Let’s link arms and share the stories of grace in the midst of the things we thought would break us. Sharing these stories of Jesus and triumph will heal, encourage, and hopefully inspire you to look at the women around you with less judgment and more love. Special thank you to the brave women who have courageously allowed their stories to be recorded to encourage through this podcast.

I hope you will grab your girl gang, or hop on in your minivan on the way home from drop off, during your run, on your self care Sunday while you take a bath, or wherever it is that you get a little time and join me as we start this little journey of hearing from and cheering on the girls around us!

About the Girls 4.9.2019

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