Episode 5: Susannah Hooper

  • Susannah is a proud OSU grad (pistols firing) married to Quinton. Together they share two beautiful children, Aidan and Addison. Aidan gained his angel wings and The Hooper family honors his legacy by living out love and “spreading good in the world.”
  • We discuss the grief Susannah and her family walked, the way people showed up for her, and her family’s choice to not just survive but to thrive.
  • Through unimaginable grief, Susannah and her family live their lives in a way that points straight to Jesus. She reminds us that He is truly close to the brokenhearted.

Intro and outro music provided by: Scott Holmes_Aspire


  • Aidan’s Legacy, found at aidanslegacy.com
  • North Church, found on instagram @northchurch, @northchurchdc, and @guthrie_nc. Website can be found at www.north.church.
  • Brookie’s Cookies, found on instagram @brookiescookies405

Thanks to Susannah for joining About the Girls today. You can find Susannah here:

Facebook: Susannah Marley Hooper

Production and Editing by: Zack Anderson

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