Episode 8: Kasi Kennedy

  • Kasi Kennedy is the owner of Kasi Kennedy Productions, mom to her fur baby Bella, and loves working with her favorite group of teen girls through her volunteer work in church ministry.
  • Kasi is sharing her story of surviving sexual assault and how she learned to trust God and allow her community to help her heal. We talk about corporate culture regarding reporting assault, forgiveness, and the way Jesus pursues us in such a personal way.
  • Kasi reminds us that we are capable of not just surviving, but thriving. She shares her story with hope that other survivors will know they are seen and heard, and hopefully encouraged.

Intro and outro music provided by: Scott Holmes_Aspire


  • Show Sponsor- Kasi Kennedy Productions, a production company specializing in storytelling through videography and photography.

Thanks to Kasi for joining About the Girls today. You can find Kasi here:

Instagram – kasikennedy1

Facebook – Kasi Kennedy

Production and Editing by: Kasi Kennedy

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