Episode 15: Natalie Bergstrasser; About Grieving and Getting Back Up Again

  • Natalie Bergstrasser is a momma to two sweet and spunky girls, wife to NorthChurch Creative Director Michael Bergstrasser, and a warrior for foster care and adoption through her job with Lilyfield. 
  • On this episode, Natalie discusses her experience in foster care, grieving the loss of special people in her life, and the way her life came full circle as she and Michael made the decision to foster. 
  • Natalie’s story is so powerful as she talks about leaning into Jesus in the midst of suffering and seeing grief as an opportunity to know Him more and love others well. 

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Thanks to Natalie for joining About the Girls today. 

Production and Editing by: Zack Anderson

Intro and outro music provided by: Scott Holmes_Aspire