When the Holidays are Hard

  • Ryan and Lauren Frampton have been married for ten years and share two kiddos together. They love time at the lake, spending time with friends, and cheering on the Thunder!
  • On this episode, we talk about navigating grief and hard things during the holidays, and how we can choose Jesus and show up for the joy, even while navigating the grief. 
  • We do not by any means have grief figured out and we are not therapists or licensed professionals at dealing with hard stuff. But when you’ve walked through hard, sometimes your experience is the best way to encourage others going through it. Whether it’s a pregnancy that hasn’t happened, a pregnancy that didn’t end with a baby in your arms, a death , broken relationships, anything that is hard we just want to remind you that you’re not alone, encourage you to lean into your people who love you and let them support you and let them point you to Jesus. He is the reason we celebrate, and no matter what we walk through, he is still good and God still sent his son and that is something we can all celebrate.

Available on the Podcast App, iTunes, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Also available on our website at www.aboutthegirls.com


  • North Church

Thanks to Ryan and Lauren for joining About the Girls today. 

Production and Editing by: Zack Anderson

Graphics and social media: Lauren Frampton 

Intro and outro music provided by: Scott Holmes_Aspire

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