Tiana Monsi: About Singing Through Suffering

Tiana Monsi is a wife, mom, stylist, and worship leader. 

Tiana tells the hard story of being diagnosed with Lupus. She shares the reality of her diagnoses but she shares her incredible faith in a God who heals and who hears us. She talks about the power of our words and choosing HOPE. 

There are so many women who struggle in silence with illnesses or just struggles that we can’t see. We are thankful for Tiana’s voice for women who are battling something. She reminds us to be brave enough to open up to our people and let them love us and encourage us. She encourages us to be friends who check on our people and love them well.

 Tiana also shares about her most recent worship album, Created (can be downloaded on Spotify, Amazon Music, and more) and her recent concert @North Church. Don’t miss this incredible episode of hope in the midst of big prayers! 

Available on the Podcast App, iTunes, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Also available on our website at www.aboutthegirls.com


  • North Church
  • Created, album by Tiana Monsi

Thanks to Tiana for joining the show today! 

Production and Editing by: Zack Anderson

Graphics and social media: Lauren Frampton 

Intro and outro music provided by: Scott Holmes_Aspire

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