Elizabeth Ward, About Selah

Elizabeth Ward is one of the worship leaders at North Church. She is a wife to Jordan and mom to baby Noah. 

So many women experience trauma or just really difficult circumstances bringing children into their families, whether it’s through labor and delivery or another means of adding to the family. So much of that pain isn’t spoken about for fear of being “dramatic” or not being “strong enough.” Elizabeth shares about missing some of her son’s newborn moments, the fear of being a burden to others and letting them see us at our low points, and the lie that we are alone in our suffering. Elizabeth goes on to share the reality of PostPartum Depression and the shame that can come with it. 

Out of the pain she experienced, Elizabeth talks about God’s faithfulness and how he has used her story to help others through her worship album, titled Selah. We talk about having a BIG dream and not letting fear keep you from it and the power that comes from sharing your story. The album can be found on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, or wherever you get your music. You will want to get this album ASAP! 

Available on the Podcast App, iTunes, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Also available on our website at www.aboutthegirls.com


Thanks to Elizabeth for joining the show today! 

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