About Love & Friendship with Deb and Kay

About Love & Friendship

Kay Newberry is a wife, mom, grandmother, business owner and minister. Deb Anderson is a wife, mom, grandmother, and mother in law to show host, Kayla Anderson. 

In part two of the “Love and…” series, Kayla sat down with her mother in law, Deb and Kay, Deb’s best friend to talk friendship. Deb and Kay have a friendship to be admired and they’re sharing insight and wisdom in what Godly friendship looks like, handling conflict, showing up for each other, how Jesus modeled friendship for us, and more. This episode is both encouraging and challenging. It will make you thankful for your “person” while pushing you to grow to be the best friend you can be. If you don’t have a “person” they are also talking about how we can ask God for that and trust him to bring the right people into our lives. 

This is a fun listen and you will love hearing from Deb and Kay on how they’ve grown to have such a beautiful friendship of over 25 years! 

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Thanks to Kay and Deb for joining the show today! 

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