Simi John: About “I Am Not”

About “I Am Not”

Simi John is a pastor’s wife, mom, physical therapist, author, speaker and so much more. 

Simi John is back on the show to share some exciting news! She is releasing her first book, titled “I Am Not” out now! Simi is giving About the Girls friends some background information and behind the scenes on what you need to know about it and why you NEED to grab it. This devotional addresses topics that are so relevant to all women, and if you remember Simi from her first time on the show, then you know there is so much wisdom in her message. 

From her website:

“Are you tired of struggling with your identity and settling for a lesser version of you?

Are you ready to erase the stories that culture teaches about women and tell a different story?

Are you willing to change not just your mindset but the way you live?

Then “I AM NOT” is for you.”

Get your copy today at the link below:

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Thanks to Simi for joining the show today! 

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