About ATG Book Club

About ATG Book Club

The About the Girls Book Club has launched and we want to tell you about it! Whitney Grimes and April Haddock, ATG Book Club Hosts, are joining the show to talk more about the why, the how, and the when of this fun new feature of the ATG community. 

There are many of our listeners who either love to read or crave community, so we’ve added book club. This will be a chance for us to discuss real-life issues raised by the books we read from different perspectives, build community through reading together and even meeting up every now and then, and to have something fun for all the readers to look forward to each month. 

Tune in for all the details and let us know what books you’re loving! You may see them on the list of books we read for Book Club! 

Available on the Podcast App, iTunes, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Also available on our website at www.aboutthegirls.com


Thanks to Whitney and April for joining the show today! 

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