About the Crawl: Kourtney Bridges

About The Crawl

Kourtney is a mom of two sweet kids, a NICU nurse and just an incredible human being. 

You know that thing that you never thought would be your story? The heartbreak that brings you to your knees and knocks the breath right out of you? Kourtney shares the story of walking through deep pain and becoming a single mom when her marriage suddenly ended, despite her desire and prayer that it would be saved. 

Kourtney’s story is hard, but beautiful. She uses her words to remind us of God’s faithfulness. Kourtney shares her story with respect, care, and such grace, even as she details the moments she felt like she couldn’t get back up. We talk about how hard it is when you feel like you’re praying for the “right” thing and the answer is no, and how God is so faithful in giving us His best. She talks about the power of showing up for your girlfriends, whether it’s an encouraging text at the right time or a 4am coffee drop. This story is one that will remind you that God is near the broken-hearted, and that because of the hope we have in him, we can keep going, even if we have to crawl at first. 

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Thanks to Kourtney for joining the show today! 

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