Episode 50: Water, Music & Surviving Social Distancing (w/Erin Schmidt)

Maybe you’re exhausted and just need to hear some encouraging words or maybe you’re looking for practical tips to help you thrive in this season. Either way, this conversation with Erin is a great one. A few of our favorite takeaways:

1. Do what works for YOUR family. 

2. Don’t forget the long game, but also have some grace for yourself. 

3. Use what you have. 

4. Just add water and/or music   

Thank you so much, Erin for joining us today and we will be the first listeners when you start your podcast for moms 😉

If you are a momma (or even if you’re not), share with us some tips,tricks, activities or just encouraging words that are helping you through this time! We would also love for you to tag a mom friend and let her know just how awesome she is. We will all get by with Jesus and a little help from our friends ❤️

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  • Erin on social: @eeschmidt (instagram), Erin Schmidt (Facebook) 

Thanks to Erin for joining the show today! 

Production and Editing by: Zack Anderson

Graphics and social media: Lauren Frampton 

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