About the Moms: Mother’s Day Special

Infertility. Miscarriage. Joy. Triumph. Sadness. Grief. Pain. Celebration. Loneliness.  We are talking about all of the pieces that are a part of Motherhood. 

This week, as we look ahead to Mother’ Day, we are joined by Lauren Frampton, Connie Greenhagen and Kristin Miller. 3 moms with 3 very different stories to bring you encouragement and maybe even some laughs. These women are graciously and honestly opening up about mothering in quarantine, failures, and diving into the different and sometimes painful roads to becoming moms. 

No matter what your story is and whatever this day brings up for you we hope you feel seen, find hope and in the end we hope the stories of these incredible women point you to Jesus. 

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Thanks to Connie, Kristin and Lauren for joining the show today! 

Production and Editing by: Zack Anderson

Graphics and social media: Lauren Frampton 

Intro and outro music provided by: Scott Holmes_Aspire