Episode 3: April Haddock

  • April is married to Curtis, who she met while in school at The University of Oklahoma and they are parents to sweet little Jonah. Fun fact, Jonah has a set of dimples that will put a smile on your face on the hardest day. April is a full-time mom, part-time NICU nurse and lover of reading, cheese, and her people.
  • We discuss April’s struggles with fertility, the joy of adoption, and the hard parts of family planning.
  • Through it all, even in the midst of unmet expectations, April encourages us to remember God is sovereign and His plans for us are good.

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Thanks to April for joining About the Girls today. You can find April here:

Instagram: aprilhaddock3

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Launch Day!

Episode 1: Launch Day with About the Girls Host, Kayla Anderson
Kayla Anderson, host of About the Girls, is starting off with episode #1 to share a brief overview of her story and why she felt led to start this podcast. In this episode, Kayla is interviewed by friend and producer Kasi Kennedy. They talk identity, marriage, friendship, and her deep desire for women to live life in community.

Kasi and Kayla start off the show talking about how they met working at the OSU Foundation in Stillwater, OK. Kayla shares about her two kids and her husband and a little bit of her background being an Air Force brat. Kasi and Kayla get into a quick overview of some of the things Kayla has struggled with growing up, and how those things motivated her to start About the Girls, as a reminder to women to be kind to each other. We never know what another woman is walking through. 

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You can find Kayla here:https://www.facebook.com/

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Episode 2: Hope Varughese

  • Hope is married to Samson, pastor of Northchurch Deer Creek and is the proud mama of an 8 month old son, Charlie. He lights up a room as soon as he enters it. Hope is a nurse, world traveler and advocate for the disadvantaged.
  • We discuss Hope’s childhood and the labels, traveling to Africa, and Hope and Samson’s incredible story of conquering debt.
  • Ultimately, Hope wants women to take the time to get to know Jesus through scripture reading and spending time with him.

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Thanks to Hope for joining About the Girls today. You can find Hope here:

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