Joanne Davis: About Lessons for the Girls

  • Mrs. Joanne Davis is a wife, mother, grandmother, friend and more. 
  • On this episode, Kayla sits down with Mrs. Joanne for an episode that’s a little different than our usual. With openness, honesty, and true wisdom, Mrs. Joanne shares life-experience laced with so much goodness. They talk about working in a job you don’t love, the death of loved ones, marriage, comparison, anxiety and more. 
  • What a gift it is for women to learn from those who have learned and lived life lessons before us. This is one of those episodes you will want to grab a coffee and soak in all that is shared. It’s encouraging and refreshing, and Mrs. Joanne just has one of those voices that soothes. Don’t miss this conversation meant to grow us as women, to settle our hearts, and to remind us to look for God in everything. 


  • North Church:

Thanks to Mrs. Joanne Davis for joining About the Girls today. 

Production and Editing by: Zack Anderson

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