Heidi Oppegard: About the Lies We Believe

  • Heidi Oppegard is known for her big laugh and her ability to make everyone feel like family. She is a wife to Scott, mom to three, and district manager for a well known childcare facility. 
  • On this episode, Heidi shares about a time in her life where she minimized who she was and struggled to find her voice in a toxic relationship. She discusses the effects of damaging words spoken over her and how she started to believe the lies about who she was. 
  • There is so much hope in Heidi’s story as she shares what life looks like now. Heidi talks about being a new believer and the joy of a relationship with Jesus in her life. Heidi is guaranteed to make you laugh and make you feel like a friend on this episode, while encouraging those of us who may be in a season where we feel stuck in a toxic situation, or those of us who are supporting a friend in a toxic situation. 


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Episode 6: Erin Hernandez

  • Erin is a Nurse Practitioner in the the NICU. She is married to the love of her life, Casey. Casey and Erin recently welcomed their first child, Harper Joy!
  • We discuss the unraveling of Erin’s first marriage, and the shame that came with divorce. We also talk about the difficulty in moving forward after closing that chapter.
  • Erin reminds us that we get to CHOOSE JOY! Even though her circumstances were so hard, Erin made the decision that bitterness would not be her story anymore. She points us back to Jesus and talks about how He was there the whole time.

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