Jessica Koester: About Getting Back in the Saddle

Jessica Koester is a wife, rodeo competitor, aunt, and more. 

At the start of the new year, most of us have major goals and dreams we are passionately pursuing. But what happens when the dream you know God gave you seems to be taken away? Jessica shares the hard story of being homeless,  pursuing a dream, and getting back up after a MAJOR setback that almost took her leg. 

This episode is the motivation you need to get through the setback. Jessica shares how Jesus brought her through her darkest days. She keeps it real about how hard recovering from setbacks can be, but she shows us all a picture of what it looks like to fall down but get back up again. She reminds us that the messy middle of the process can be where the beauty happens and that sometimes the goal ends up looking a little different than what we thought. You will LOVE Jessica as much as I did!

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Thanks to Jessica for joining the show today! 

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