Holidays with About the Girls: Izea & Sarah Lovejoy, About a Happy Home

  • Sarah Lovejoy is a wife to her firefighter hubby, Izea, mother to three sweet girls, and will forever be a California Girl. 
  • Sarah and Izea are joining us on the show today because there is something they do so well, and that is hosting. Sarah and Izea are talking about what it looks like to have a “happy home” and to host people in a way that makes them feel loved. 
  • This is a season where many of us will open our homes to loved ones for celebrations and fun holiday gatherings! This episode is such a fun reminder that opening our homes is about presence and “being Jesus” and not about having the perfect decor or best house on the block. Join us for this episode with a couple who truly lives their last name, and prepare your heart to open your home with love and to be present with your people this season! 

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  • North Church

Thanks to Sarah and Izea for joining About the Girls today. 

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