Heather Poe: About Redeeming Love

  • Heather Poe is a mother of two, is celebrating 21 years of marriage with her love, and is a business owner.
  • On this episode, Heather is getting REAL about things we rarely talk openly about. Heather talks honestly about a time when she and her husband were looking outside of their marriage and how Jesus saved them from what felt like a hopeless situation. She shares about losing her mother, how the grief felt overwhelming, and believing the lie that her “stuff” was too much. Heather talks about how her desire to not burden anyone led to feeling like suicide was the only option.
  • Heather’s story is packed with hard things, BUT JESUS. Because of Jesus, Heather is here today talking about a redeemed marriage that is thriving because of Jesus. Heather shares how God used her best friend to save her from ending her life and how she and that same friend carry each other’s burdens. The honesty and authenticity in the way Heather shares her story is refreshing and she credits it all to the goodness of Jesus. Heather reminds us that the truth in God’s word is what combats the lies we believe, that there is freedom in letting go of the shame we carry, and that even in hard things, God is still good. 


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Episode 6: Erin Hernandez

  • Erin is a Nurse Practitioner in the the NICU. She is married to the love of her life, Casey. Casey and Erin recently welcomed their first child, Harper Joy!
  • We discuss the unraveling of Erin’s first marriage, and the shame that came with divorce. We also talk about the difficulty in moving forward after closing that chapter.
  • Erin reminds us that we get to CHOOSE JOY! Even though her circumstances were so hard, Erin made the decision that bitterness would not be her story anymore. She points us back to Jesus and talks about how He was there the whole time.

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